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Surprised By a Shemale, Well Fuck her anyway!

The way I got into wonderful Shemale Sex, is sampling the female hookers that frequent the far east.  Every once and a while you get one with a nice package down there.  Well friends I found myself in just that position. 

Now this lovely Thai Tranny was giving me the best blowjob I think I have ever had now obviously I didn’t notice that she had a dick yet!  she had all her clothes on!  So imagine my surprise when I reached down into her panties and got a hand full of balls.  The look on my face was probably akin to this guy’s  Now in a situation like this you can either scream or make the best of it I chose to make the best of it. 

The on thing you have to know about Thai Hookers is that you ain’t gonna get your money back.  This Ladyboy though not technically what I was looking for was hotter than most women, I was planning on fucking her up the ass anyway and she just sucked my dick until my eyes bead.  So after the initial shock I decided to bend this Hot Shemale over and admire the view. 

Well to make a long story short the view was amazing,  and so was fucking this hot Shemale.  Better than any female.  I ended up fucking her for the remainder of the time I was there.  So I decided to sample another tranny to see if I just got lucky.  From there my friends I was hooked

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Shemale in Candy Striper

It is no surprise that our lovely shemales love to suck on things.  Now while I have my preference on what they suck on, I can forgive them for enjoying a nice lolly pop every now and then.  But it is particular pleasing to the eye when they enjoy both a sweet treat and our dicks in their mouths.

I used to know one ladyboy that used to put honey on my dick and then suck it long and slowly.  Most amazing feeling in the world.  And what I wouldn’t give for this one to enjoy her lolly and me as well. 

You just gotta make sure your dick doesn’t get all sticky so you can slip it in her ass when she is done.

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A Ride on a Cowgirl Ladyboy

Its too bad that Ladyboys are not more accepted in cowboy country since with the right outfit and of course a great hat more than one of our cowboy folk would be happy to put his dick in their ass. 

But alas we don’t live in such a tolerant country hence the reason why our most gorgeous of ladyboys are from Thailand.  But thankfully it is indeed a beautiful country and one I look forward to visit.  And should you find a ladyboy that peaks your interest they love to play dress up

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Now this is what I am talking about.  Look at this beautiful Ladyboy!  I am drooling just looking at this hot piece of ass.  Young thin and an ass I can slam my cock deep into.  Hell this Shemale would be walking funny for a week after I got through with her. 

But enough about my Ladyboy Lust.  I know absolutely nothing about her other than she goes by the name Toy which she can be mine anytime.  Though one would have to be careful about this teen sucking your dick since she is has a mouthful of braces which indeed could be quite painful. 

But once you have her bent over she takes a pretty good pumping and a few playful slaps on the ass this kathoey is definitely one to to watch

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Pouty Shemale Suffers from a Large Dick in Her Ass

We all love really tight asses on our Shemales,  It just feels so good when you first slip it in their butts.  But of course can be problematic with those of you that are hung more so than others. 

Take this lovely Tranny for example.  The look on her face as she gets ass fucked is precious.  Now of course I have gotten the same look on occasion but those usually were from particularly small Asian Ladyboys (they tend to be afraid of large penises).  Even more problematic is when you are working hard to fit your dick in their ass they tend to cry a bit. 

But good Shemale Sex is good Shemale Sex, and I am sure they know a bit of anal pain comes with the territory of being a Shemale.  I mean they don’t exactly have another hole to put it in like their female counterparts. 

So I do urge all the Ladyboy lovers out there to use lots of lube and ease in slowly when you are breaking in a new or particularly tiny Tranny. 

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Now let me give you a bit of advice for when you go shemale hunting.  If you see a tranny like this coming your way and you have a overwhelming desire to fuck her ass then be prepared to spend a shitload of money. 

Like their female counterparts shemales are quite taken by shiny things.  Perhaps not to the degree of females but they enjoy their baubles.  A ladyboy like this as with any female is going to cost you considerable amounts of money one way or another. 

Now if you have it,  then hey… what do you have better to spend your money on?  Besides high class shemales like this are usually quite worth the trouble you have to put up with.  Since they know the way to a man’s wallet is though her incredible ass. 

But to keep such a shemale on your arm for any length of time, you will have to be dishing out quite a bit in trinkets.  But as any well born connesuir of ladyboys know it is well worth it

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